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"Recommended for the toughest"  - Metal Hammer


Nox Sinister creates metal music for tyrants. Their Shakespeare-inspired lyrics feed a genre mash-up of traditional heavy metal, thrash, speed, and power metal that creates a tribal energy within the crowd, as if to rally them for a battle. They have been described as “violent musical theatre,” mixing untamed aggression with powerful theatrics. Making their debut at the infamous "Whisky A Go-Go,”, Sinister continues to play shows in Southern California and set the stage on fire. After less than a year of playing locally, Sinister was called upon to support Ektomorf on their "Reborn" tour through Europe in the fall of 2022. 

Debut Album 2021


Based in : Los Angeles, CA

Founded : 2019

Genre : #HeavyMetal

Website :

"Conceptually inspired by Shakespeare, among other literary names, and even some sadism, Nox Sinister reveals his interpretations through a typically North American heavy/thrash metal, one that is tougher and rawer than the European, especially if we compare USA with UK. "  - Mundo das Guitarras

For Booking, Management, and PR:


"Sexually exciting..." - Subsurface Tension


King Night : The frontman from hell and a real life supervillain who is classically trained and sharpened his voice to have the power of a battle axe. His Grace takes inspiration from Shakespearean texts, mythologies, and classic villains, modeling his singing after Dio, Bruce Dickinson, David Draiman, and Jorn Lande.  


Nobody : A shred guitarist extraordinaire that is shrouded in mystique.  “Nobody” takes influence from Symphony X, Black Sabbath, Behemoth, and genres from power, speed, and thrash metal. His skills and talents stretch far and wide, just like his fingers on a fretboard.


Erick Garcia : This guitar virtuoso with a performance degree from Musicians Institute touts complex classical and aggressive rhythms. With compounded compositional skills and a terrifying lead presence, this axe-man creates Iron Maiden-like harmonies when teamed with Nobody.


Dilan Peterson : This 22 year old drummer has worked with everyone from Ndugu Chancler to Rudy Sarzo to Arturo Sandoval and back again. With the power, speed, and creativity to back it up, there's nothing Dilan won't do when it comes to bashing skins and making music.


Jonny Heinz :  A versatile musician of many years, Jonny brings his unique blend of

musical expression and hair to the stage with precision and finesse. Influenced

primarily by progressive metal, his grooves provide a solid, powerful foundation to

the music.

The combined talents of these versatile musicians create a dramatic musical experience showcasing theatricality and aggression. Through their music, Nox Sinister tells the stories of villainy and conquests as a way to energize the audience into a marching frenzy and leave them thirsting for more. Influences include Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Death Angel, Kreator, Dio, Powerwolf, Symphony X, Megadeth, Skull Fist, Grim Reaper, Slayer, Anthrax, Metallica, among others.

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